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Gephardt Approved

PC Laptops is where the humans meet the machines!

If you are like me, when you need a new computer, it is difficult with all the makes, models, and variations to know precisely which computer will meet your needs. At PC Laptops, I have found the moment you walk in the door, first, you are greeted by very knowledgeable staff members with a big "HELLO." (I'm not kidding everybody says "hello.") But then, the philosophy of owner Dan Young comes through. Dan says he wants to bring computers and people together to improve the lives of people. Tell them your needs, and they'll provide the computer to make your life easier.

Dan began his company in 1994 when the large computer company for which he worked went out of business. Dan collected the list of let down customers from that company and asked them what would they like to see in a computer company. With that information, Dan started PC Laptops in his garage in Sugar House dedicated to customer service. After talking to those jilted customers, he recruited some when he says he invented the Lifetime Service Guarantee on any computer you buy from him. He has instilled that philosophy into his now 100 employees in 9 stores throughout Utah and Nevada. Dan says the Lifetime Service Guarantee is, in fact, the foundation of his business model.

It all means constant contact with customers from his employees to his massive Facebook congregation. You'll not find Dan hiding from any of his customers. He is out there every day, talking to them about their successes and problems. Yes, you can talk to employees at his store, or directly with him every day.

And one more thing: Dan says he does not like the word, "satisfied." If a customer is satisfied, they may or may not come back. He wants his customers "happy, 110% happy," he says. That way, his business will get to see them and their friends and family again.

His goal is to be number one in trust. And he'll get it from me. We've investigated PC Laptops. I endorse his company, and I would do business there, and that's why I am proud that PC Laptops is Gephardt Approved.